I consider it an honor and privilege to be commissioned to compose new music. Bringing a new work to life can be a very rewarding experience for the commissioning ensemble. Commissioning can also be a great source of pride if the new work "has legs" and goes on to be widely performed. I have been commissioned by all manner of choral ensemble: professional choirs, auditioned and non auditioned community choruses, university choirs, high school programs, select children's choirs, LGBTQ choruses and church choirs.

Commissions also provide a vital source of income and artistic development for composers. As a widely known published composer, my commission fee is approximate to industry guidelines set forth by the organization, Meet the Composer. The commission fee may be negotiable. Printing, engraving and part extraction are included in the commission fee. Travel expenses and fees for assistance in preparation and presentation of a new work are to be negotiated separately.

It is best to contact me in regard to my availability as soon as the decision has been made to commission a new work. Generally, I require 12 months from contract signing to score delivery due date. though there are sometimes unexpected openings in my schedule.

When you are ready to proceed, the following information is needed:

  • Instrumentation and Voicing
  • Size of the ensemble
  • Proposed length of the piece
  • Desired difficulty level and other ensemble considerations (e.g., strong alto section, or not enough men for divisi)
  • Text considerations (particular concert program themes or favorite poets)
  • Deadline for final manuscript:
  • Date, time, and place of premiere
  • How should the commissioning information and/or dedication read?

About Text Selection

Text selection is the most important decision I make in the composing process and so I prefer to select the texts that I set. However, I always seek approval of the text from the commissioning party before commencing work, and suggestions are very welcome. It is important to keep in mind that copyright protected texts may require time and money for permission for use; yet another reason to plan well in advance for the programming of a premier commissioned work.

Post Premiere Success

I am thrilled that many of my published commissioned works have reached a wide audience. The works below have been performed at numerous All-State Choral events, national and regional music conferences and at international festivals.

All Works of Love, 2010 ACDA Raymond W. Brock Memorial Commission

Arise My Love, commissioned by members of the Renaissance City Women's and Men's Choirs and the Indianapolis Women's and Men's Choruses (2004)

The Beauty of Your Dreams, commissioned by the Indianapolis Women's Choir

maggie and milly and molly and may, commissioned by VIVA VOCE! (2004)

O Lux Beatissima, commissioned by Ole Miss Women's Glee (2011)

Only Light. Only Love, commissioned by Wellesley College Choir (2008)

The Peace of Wild Things, commissioned by Bella Voce Women's Choir (Reno, NV)

saboo, (No.2, This Wonderful Feeling) commissioned by the Peninsula Women's Chorus (2000)

She Who Makes Her Meaning Clear, commissioned by Muse: Cincinnati's Women's Choir (2008)

The Singing Place, commissioned by the 2007-08 ACDA Women's Composition Consortium

Vivos Voco, commissioned by the San Francisco Girls Chorus (2005)

You Are the Music, commissioned by Miami University Choraliers (2008)