Alla René Bozarth (b.1947)

— from the DARE TO BE POWERFUL choral series —

Alla René Bozarth was the first woman ordained as a deacon in the Episcopal diocese of Oregon in 1971. Her ordination to the priesthood with eleven other women in 1974 created a huge stir within the denomination and attracted international attention. She wrote the poem, "Call" on the eve of her historic ordination. Her poem, inspired by the poem “Mountain Moving Day,” (1911), by Japanese Feminist Poet Yosano Akiko, is as relevant today as when it was first penned. The roar of voices continues. Women and men are waking and rising to the call for conscious engagement around widespread gender imbalance in matters of education, economics and politics and spiritual leadership, 


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Audio Credits: 

Aurora Chorus, Joan Szymko, conductor


Joan Szymko


Alla René Bozarth (b.1947)

There is a new sound

of roaring voices

in the deep

and light-shattered

rushes in the heavens.

The mountains are coming alive,

the fire-kindled mountains,

moving again to reshape the earth.

It is we sleeping women,

waking up in a darkened world,

cutting the chains from off our bodies

with our teeth, stretching our lives

over the slow earth—

Seeing, moving, breathing in

the vigor that commands us

to make all things new.

It has been said that while the women sleep,

the earth shall sleep—

But listen! We are waking up and rising,

and soon our sisters will know their strength.

The earth-moving day is here.

We women wake to move in fire.

The earth shall be remade.


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Advanced Treble Chorale - Call by Joan Szymko