Come, Pretty Love


Shaker "Gift" song received by Patsy Williamson (19th c.)

The Shakers sourced thousands of songs and dances. Many songs were "divinely received" by members of the community and were known as "gift songs." "Come Pretty Love" was received by Patsy Williamson, an ex-slave whose freedom was purchased by the Pleasant Hill Shaker community in the early 1800's. Rousing and energetic,“Come Pretty Love” was most likely a dance song. It is just one of many 19th century Shaker songs and hymns celebrating the Shaker's spiritual Mother, Ann Lee.

Shaker core beliefs and values included communal living, celibacy, humility, simplicity, hard work and equality among the sexes.  They believed in God as made up of male and female elements, with sect founder Mother Ann Lee as the embodiment of Christ, in feminine form.


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Come Pretty Love

Oh my pretty Mother's home,
sweeter than the honey in the comb.
Oh my pretty Mother's home,
sweeter than the honey in the comb.

Come, come pretty love, come come come

Come, come pretty love, I want some.


Come, Pretty Love | The Girl Choir of South Florida