A la Media Noche


Traditional Puerto Rican Carol

A lively Puerto Rican Christmas carol about the birth of Jesus in the manger is sung in Spanish. This arrangement features non stop rhythmic excitement, with exciting piano and flute accompaniment, dramatic key changes,percussion, and an opportunity for a solo.


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SBMP 304 SSAA, piano, flute, hand perc. 4:30 $2.10 https://www.joanszymko.com/sites/joanszymko.com/files/SBMP%20304%20A%20La%20Media%20Noche.mp3 Santa Barbara Music Press
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A la media noche al rigor del cielo

Nace Jesu Cristo, redento del Cielo.
Al la media noche el gallo cantaba,

Y en su voz decía ya Cristo ha na cido.

Entre pajas nace del cielo gran Rey

A u lado tiene la mula y el buey.
EL buem com humilde las pajas le e chaba

La maldita mula le descobijaba

Su madre lomira sin poderle dar

Ni lecho ne cun donde reposar.
Tiernecito Niño me Jesus,mi Dios

Eres suave y dulce, eres todo amor.


At midnight, amidst the severity of the cold

is born Jesus Christ, redeemer of the heavens.

At midnight the rooster was singing and in his voice was saying

that Christ has been born already

In the straw He is born from the heavens,great King.

At his side he has the donkey and the ox.

The ox, how humble. The straw was thrown about.

The naughty mule was uncovering him.

His mother is looking at him without being able to give

Him neither bed nor cradle where to rest.

Tender Little Babe, my Jesus, my God.

You are gentle and sweet. You are all love.