Red and Green


Maddy Prior

This piece will enliven any Christmas or Solstice program! English folk singer Maddy Prior (best known as the lead vocalist of Steeleye Span) is also a gifted songwriter. "Red and Green," from Prior's 1996 release, “Year” has pre-Christian roots and a definite Celtic feel; exploring humanity's connection to earth's seasonal changes. Driving, exciting piano part will allow your accompanist to shine! 


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SSAA, piano, drum (tom) $2.00
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Joan Szymko

Red and Green

Red and green together be seen

In the dark time of the year

Red and green together be seen

In the time of dread and fear

Green for the thorn of the holly leaf

That shines in candlelight

That holds the hope of evergreen

That glimmers in the night (Refrain)

Red for the berry round and full

A drop of blood on snow

That shows us our humanity

That fruit from which we grow (Refrain)

These rocky fields of black and white

Demanding endless toil

The misty sun gives tired light

To raise the sleeping soil (Refrain)


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