Song Coming Toward Us


Carolyn Forché (b.1950)

Fall 2015 release.

This is a setting of a poem by award wining American poet Carolyn Forché from her first anthology. Stark and spacious, rhythmic and soulful, it evokes the desert southwest. An early work for the Seattle Women's Ensemble, this composition has minimalist rhythmic feel construction though still maintains a strong lyrical bent.

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JS-041 SSAA, piano,cello 6:00 N/A


Joan Szymko

Song Coming Toward Us

I am spirit entering

the stomach of the stones.

Bowls of clay and water sing,

set on the fires to dry.

The Mountain moves like the spirit of southeast morning.

You walk where drums are buried.

Feel their skins tapping all night.

Snow flutes swell ahead of your life.

Listen to yourself.

I am spirit living

thin wooden years around the aspen.

You live

like a brief wisp

in a giant place.