This Wonderful Feeling (3 mvts)


Anna Madrigal, Mary Whitney

In Spring of 1999, Peninsula Women's Chorus artistic director Patty Hennings had a dream: that PWC could work with school children to help them write poetry which could be set to music for the chorus. PWC collaborated with California Poets in the Schools, the largest writers-in the-schools program in the nation. Poets collaborated with PWC members who were elementary teachers in the Bay Area, working with nearly 400 students. Joan Szymko was one of three composers commissioned by PWC to select and set poems from the project. The two young poets Szymko selected for "This Wonderful Feeling" were in the third grade when these poems were written,"Saboo," "In my Quiet Place," and "Purple Night" are a showcase for advanced women's chorus.


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Anna Madrigal, Mary Whitney


What will we do
saboo saboo
walla kaboo
Should we jump off
the tree?
Will you play with me?
saboo, saboo
walla kaboo
and I love you
Wallakaboo  — Anna Madrigal

2. In My Quiet Place

In my quiet place everything is quiet.
Quiet as the butterfly on silent wings.
Quiet as a leaf falling through the air.
Quiet makes me feel like I am the only one on earth.
The first to find this wonderful feeling inside me.  - Mary Whitney

3. Purple Night

Purple as a purple sky on a Sunday night.
Purple as a dark purple dress.
A purple dress on a purple night, a purple world
and a purple bird in flight.     - Mary Whitney


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