You Have Struck a Rock


South African women's protest song lyrics

Not yet released. (manuscript)

In 1981 I saw the film You Have Struck a Rock which documented South African women's resistance to apartheid. I was inspired to compose this original setting of the lyrics from the protest song sung at the infamous 1956 demonstration against extending the hated "pass laws" of apartheid to women. The original text was: Wathint abafazi, Strijdom! Wathint imbokodo uzo kufa! "Now you have touched the women, Strijdom!* You have struck a rock (You have dislodged a boulder!) You will be crushed!" * Strijdom was the Prime Minister


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Joan Szymko

You Have Struck a Rock

You have touched a woman you have struck a rock
You have dislodged a boulder, you will be crushed.