Todo o Meu Ser (All of My Being)


Orpingalik by way of Knud Rasmussen c. 1921-24

"Todo o Meu Ser" with its Portuguese lyrics and Brazilian flavor actually has its roots with the Inuit who are indigenous peoples of the North American Arctic. While I was a Fellow at the Instituto Sacatar Artist Residency in Bahia, Brazil in 2009, I was inspired to set to music a favorite quote originating with Inuit shaman, Orpingalik: “How many songs I have I cannot tell you. All my being is a song, and I sing as I draw breath.” Beautiful words, but even more lyrical in Portuguese!


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SATB, piano, conga, hand percussion 3:45 $2.00
JS-024 digital purchase only N/A
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SSAA, piano, conga, hand percussion 3:45 $2.00
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Audio Credits: 

Aurora Chorus, Joan Szymko Conductor


Joan Szymko

Não sei dizer-te quantas cançoes eu canto
Todo o meu ser é uma canção
E eu quanto enquanto respiro


How many songs I have I cannot tell you.
All my being is a song, 
and I sing as I draw breath.


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"[her piece] is about the unity of music and self... She's such a wonderfully virile and vibrant composer and all of her music has this pertinent rhythmic aspect that enlivens all of the words." — Charles Bruffy, director Phoenix Chorale